Astrological Forecasts 2020

Number 4 is year 2020

2020 is the year of the NEW MATERIAL REALITY System.

It will be a year of regeneration characterized by powerful influence of Saturn and Pluto, offering us a vast opportunity to escape from unconsciousness, attitude of preservation and terror, and feelings of restriction and insignificance. We will face our own ignorance of our internal power and authority. The challenge is to interact with the dynamic planetary forces that are preparing to evolve and assume responsibility for our situation, because the outside world is our image, not the creator of our situation.

We will launch four new global cycles in 2020, that will contribute to the destruction and transformation of all. Everything that is irrelevant and prohibits us from achieving an evolutionary leap of awareness. We can't go on with certain things, and in the areas of wealth, power (Pluto), etched behaviours and rituals (Saturn), and theology (Jupiter), regeneration is most necessary.

We will need to accept and understand all of our attributes as well as our behaviours in order to completely connect with our true nature. It means facing your own existence and accepting all of its elements. Saturn and Pluto are going to ask us to embrace our bodies with all the constraints that Mother Earth presents for our human bodies. This means that we stop running away from all that makes us human, and that's Saturn's theme-the Lord of Karma

Time and physical incarnation. Behind that stands FREEDOM and AWAKENED ACTION. Literally a new country and a new you. Let's start in a row.

Let's begin by looking at the numerical year 2020. This is the year of number 4 and its issues. The four represents persistence, practicality and stability, patience and dedication to concrete work. In 2019, the fundamental pillars of anything meaningful have been strategically built on which we can depend on later. In 2020, we will be completing the pillars and starting to build a new, spiritually fulfilled life starting to be constructed, with much less demand for something tangible, and more passion for creativity and innovations and sharing those ideas with others.  In other words less selfish kind of humanity. The reason is that in 2020 we have also a worldwide movement from predominantly terrestrial energy to partly air energy(Jupiter and Saturn are entering in the sign of Aquarius). Which means that we will be shifting our focus from a physical perspective of the world to a more multiple dimensional reality in which we live.

We set the stage for the next decade in 2020, the first year of the new decade. And it's going to be a decade! In 2027, when the human evolution process transmutes how the human consciousness works, we undergo a major energy transition. 

In short, 2027 ends the cycle which started in 1615 and we will create a new world energy cycle and one that lasts 411 years.Each global energy cycle has a different frequency and intensity of consciousness and is a period in human history in itself. The current cycle that began with the fall of feudalism and the departure of the warrior / conquering kings at the very end of the 17th century, transformed into a modern society in which today's governments and the social structure seem to still have man in the middle. We are now in a major upheaval because at the end of a cycle of over four hundred years and 2027, we are moving from decision-making mainly from mind (ego) and fear (material survival) to decision-making from a holistic heart. In other words from a state of understanding which there is a connection to everything. The Native Indians had it right.


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